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Light & Sound

Light and sound are both waves characterized by frequency and wavelength. Visible light, with a wavelength range from 380nm to 780nm, is a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that we perceive as color with the human eye. Interestingly, sounds at the frequency of this wavelength range correspond with a range of musical notes from G4 to F#5, with details in the note to color mapping table on the right-hand side.

In this project, I am exploring and experimenting with the relationship between them. A Python program is written to convert the musical notes into color bars with the corresponding wavelengths. A demo video (link below) is produced to allow the audience to see the color bars visually and hear the musical notes at the same time, to experience the relationship between them simultaneously with their eyes and ears. Future exploration could take place the other way round - to programmatically make a picture or a painting audible to the human ear using the same wavelength-based mappings.

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